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organized chaos

So this is what my town has looked like for nearly two weeks. These were taken today, August 27th at 3:30pm (minus the first one- that’s just showing you how it usually looks). The middle photo through the trees was taken from my backyard. We have a large forest fire to the west of us and we are getting hit dead on by the smoke from the Yosemite fire along with several smaller contained fires through the sierras. 

 It’s been like the apocalypse outside and i just felt like sharing.

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    Incline Village checking in :/
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    Those of us in Southern Idaho feel your pain. We get this every year because of the large amounts of forest fires here.
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    same thing happened to socal a while back. that red sun is fucking frightening.
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    Same with Reno. Cheers.
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  21. wherermywings said: That’s exactly how most of southern OR’s been the past 2 months or so from all the fires. The stores were sold out of good masks and it reeked. Finally clearing now!
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